Help us make K-9 Mail even better!


Report a bug

Use the issue tracker to report bugs or request new features.

Translate the app

K9 Mail uses Transifex for translations. As features are added, there is often a need for translators to localise the text accordingly.

Help other users

Help other users by answering questions on the mailing list.


Get the source

The source code is hosted on GitHub.

Read the development documents

We maintain documentation on the design of the app on the project wiki. Feel free to contribute towards this and read it to guide patches to submit.

Submit a patch

Create a pull request based on K-9’s master branch. See the Code Style for more information


Like everything else, this manual is the work of volunteers. If you feel it could be improved with information on a certain topic, feel free to contribute by creating an issue on the website’s tracker.


If you feel like contributing financially, please make a donation to F-Droid, the repository of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for the Android platform.